With its Flux proposition, Nedap Staffing Solutions caters to growing demand for solutions to schedule both permanent and flexible workers in one single system and register working hours. The business unit’s focus is mainly on companies that operate in the production, logistics, and distribution industries, which rely heavily on temporary workers. Flux stands out for its simplicity that makes it easy to use for planning experts. It also offers high added value compared to standard software.

The Staffing Solutions business unit aims to further build the Flux proposition and ultimately gain a market-leading position.

Developments in 2022

In 2021, a strategic choice was made to fully focus on one single proposition: Flux. In 2022, the business unit put great effort into the further development of this proposition. In the current volatile times, the solution proves its worth more than ever. Labour market shortages, demand volatility, and supply chain disruptions are making it even more difficult for companies in the logistics and food processing industries to get people with the right skills in the right place at the right time. Last year, the business unit further refined the focus in its market approach and marketing efforts were directed more effectively and more intensively, which resulted in various commercial successes. High-profile parties such as Grolsch and AS Watson chose Flux for their workforce planning and/or registration.
In order to make the Flux platform an even more powerful tool and develop it into the undisputed standard, it is key that it can be connected to other software, such as invoicing or payroll software. In 2022, extensive attention was focused on expanding and simplifying integration with payroll systems.
Michel Kivits, logistics engineer, EDCO

The readers have been put up in areas where people work. That is the only way to ensure that you are measuring the pure input in terms of hours versus the production output that is important data for our management reports.


Results and outlook

In 2022, Staffing Solutions generated solid revenue growth and saw its market share grow as well. Given the commercial traction that Flux is starting to develop in the market, the business unit expects to see further growth in both new customer acquisition and revenue in 2023.

Sustainable impact

The Staffing Solutions business unit’s motto is ‘Let’s put people first’. Sustainable employability is the key aim in this respect. Flux is intended to help reduce worker absence, cut workers’ workload, and increase workers’ autonomy. Flux also helps gain insight into how to better deploy workers, based on detailed forecasts, scheduling, and analysis of hours worked. The ultimate goal is to improve worker well-being.