Nedap Security Management develops access control and security systems for companies and institutions worldwide. In the access control market, they sell their AEOS solution, which is a system for access control, intrusion detection, and locker management. The business unit’s customers range from organisations in critical infrastructure to office and production environments of multinational corporations. Of all the major brands headquartered in Europe, over one quarter uses Nedap’s access control system.

Developments in 2022


In 2022, Security Management landed several high-profile customers including ALDI Nord and MIVB-STIB, which is the Brussels public transport corporation with 750,000 passengers a day. Due to longer component delivery times, the business unit only partly managed to convert the fine growth in order intake over the financial year into revenue. Great effort went into mitigating the disruptions in hardware deliveries over the past year. There was close collaboration on procurement and component selection, both internally and with suppliers. This included design changes to accommodate alternative components.

Introduction of new solutions

Alongside all the efforts to be able to keep delivering existing systems, the business unit also managed to launch new solutions during the past financial year: a new locker solution with touchscreen and a mobile app and a next-generation door controller. The door controller is a device that handles the operation of the access-secured door. This new generation is significantly faster and more efficient than previous generations. The fact that controllers from the past decades can now be replaced by next-generation controllers means that existing customers who already have whole systems can smoothly switch to the latest technology. This way, continuity of our customers’ security system is guaranteed, which is a key reason why customers prefer Nedap for their security needs.
In addition, Security Management has identified opportunities at certain types of customers, especially in the service industry, where the emphasis is on convenience and hassle-free operations. The business unit is working on a specific solution to meet this customer need among customers. In 2023, the first live customer tests will be conducted with the new proposition.

Compliance and cybersecurity

When it comes to compliance and cybersecurity, the business unit has not sat on its laurels. Public and private operators of critical infrastructure are setting increasingly strict requirements for complex cybersecurity and system certifications for access control systems. AEOS is one of very few systems that has passed various domestic and extensive certification processes, giving it a key competitive edge. Certifications under the French CSPN programme (Certification de Sécurité de Premier Niveau), the British CPNI (Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure), and German BSI (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik) are three of the most important certifications that AEOS has been awarded. Security Management closely tracks developments in the IT and cybersecurity domain, with a view to keeping AOES and its certifications up to date.

Commercial developments

In terms of commercial activities, the first post-COVID year meant that in-person meetings were possible again. Excited to be able to meet up, commercial teams took numerous creative and local initiatives for events. Security Management also attended the Intersec trade show in Dubai and the world’s largest international conference for professionals in the physical security industry, ASIS, which was held in Prague. At this conference, Nedap Security Management hosted the opening evening and two innovation track sessions that were well received. The same enthusiasm was evident in the market as well, as evidenced by demand for AEOS. Never before did Security Management receive so many orders for hardware as in the past financial year. Given that software sales generally follow after hardware has been delivered, which slumped last year, revenue for 2022 does not quite reflect this commercial success.
Susanne Adriaanse, Nedap Security Management business unit leader

After months of mostly digital contact with customers, our commercial teams are very happy they can meet customers in person again. Everyone realises how important personal contact is for the relationship and mutual trust. One fine example was the ASIS event in Prague, where Europe’s top security managers gathered. This popular event and our involvement as the main sponsor energised our team and everyone who attended enormously.

Demand for security solutions continues to be strong. For 2023, Security Management sees commercial opportunities increase further in growth regions such as DACH (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland), the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. For these regions, which are served from Germany and sales offices in Dubai and Poland, the unit is working hard to recruit commercial talent.

Results and outlook

Due to component shortages, Security Management’s revenue declined slightly in 2022 compared to 2021. Based on investments in the distinctiveness of the security solutions and the business unit’s commercial strength, combined with a well-filled backlog, the business unit foresees revenue growth for 2023.