Nedap Light Controls is the global market leader in smart UV driver technology. This technology is used for things such as instant drying of inks and curing of coatings and paints. UV light is also an effective and eco-friendly way of disinfecting air and purifying and treating water, including drinking water and ballast water for seagoing vessels.

Developments in 2022

UV drivers

The market developed favourably in 2022, which meant that demand for UV drivers was high. One legacy of the COVID-19 pandemic is that people are more conscious of air quality and there is greater demand for disinfection. Increasing shortages of natural resources, such as fresh water, are also pushing up demand for UV driver technology. UV drivers are used for purposes such as disabling microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses in water, so that the water can be reused. Demand for UV drivers for ballast water purification, however, is developing slower than initially expected. Following the signing of the ballast water treaty, vessels are now being fitted with UV disinfection systems. However, this is still only happening on a relatively limited scale, as shipping companies are opting for a spread implementation.
James Donnellan, Vice President, Glasco UV

Over the 30 years that I’ve been building UV equipment, Nedap’s UV lamp drivers have given me the best user experience ever. They are easy and pleasant to work with.

In the area of UV curing, i.e. using UV light to accelerate the curing of coatings and other substances, there is also an increasing need for UV driver technology. Important areas where UV curing is used include the production of flexible displays, the coating of optic fibre, and insulating coatings in battery production.

Component shortages had a major impact on the Light Controls business unit. Towards the end of the year, the business unit got a better handle on component availability, partly by switching to alternatives. However, production capacity at the business unit’s partners is creating new challenges in the supply chain. Making the supply chain more robust is an absolute priority, so as to further increase the reliability of deliveries on a structural basis and to facilitate further revenue growth.

The phase-out of the Luxon proposition, which was started last year, is on schedule.

Results and outlook

Thanks to increased demand for UV drivers in both the disinfection and the curing market, the Light Controls business unit showed positive revenue development. Revenue growth generated in 2022 was curbed as not all orders could be fulfilled completely or on time. In line with the increasing focus on sustainability, the business unit expects demand for its UV driver solutions to remain at a high level. Both the propositions for the UV disinfection market and the curing solutions are expected to contribute to growth. While control of the supply chain has improved, disruptions will continue to have an impact in 2023. Despite that, the Light Controls business unit expects to post revenue growth in 2023.

Sustainable impact

Sustainability is embedded in the core of Nedap Light Controls’ products. The UV drivers contribute to waste and ballast water purification. On top of that, these UV lamp drivers deliver greater energy efficiency. The use of UV lamps for curing purposes means that no harmful solvents have to be used to cure coatings or inks.